Founded in 2008, Weihai Barfilon Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise, specialized in the development, manufacture, sale and service of fishing tool, majored in manufacturing carbon-fibre fishing rods with middle/high class quality.

必威亚洲官网For years, Barfilon has been targeting at producing the best carbon-fiber fishing tackles in China and at creating a brand with national and international reputation.  Persisting on management as guarantee, the market as guide, creativity as power, and brand name as soul, Barfilon has explored a realistic way to transform and develop.  Moreover, Barfilon Fish Tackles is also one of the key enterprises in fishing tackle industry in China.  It has over 400 staffs, construction area of 25,000 meter squared, 30 modernized standard production lines, and the annual output of fishing rods is approaching one million.  In 2014, Barfilon made an expansion in construction, increased the area by 42.8 acre, and constructed an integrity industry plant, functioned design and manufacture industry, tourism, leisure and entertainment.  6 competing pools of angling are included, together with 1 bicycle training base, while there are also integrated tennis courts, badminton courts, and angling business school where entrepreneurs could take lessons.

Quality standard

Barfilon is rather strict on controlling the quality of manufactured fishing tackles, and has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, Energy Management Systems, Energy Management, Measurement Management System authentication, and Work Safety Standardization third class enterprise certification in succession.  During the procedure of authentication, Barfilon has improved the management systems, and ensured the effective utilization of resources and steady increase of product quality.  The utilization ratio of carbon fabric in Barfilon has been increased to 98%, while the ratio last year was 94%.  The overall energy consumption has been decreased by 10% in year-on-year terms, and the qualified products rate has increased from 93% to 96% year-on-year.  Barfilon Fishing Tackles has also been awarded National Consumption Union Unit for Reliable Product and Service.

必威亚洲官网Barfilon puts high priority to introducing and producing talents.  In 2014, the Technology Development Centre has been founded, with 31 professional technical researchers, 5 researchers from Taiwan, and a chief quality director.  Moreover, industry experts are invited to provide the employees with general training, which significantly improves the overall quality of the staff team.  Barfilon has founded Staff Innovation Studio, and has laid down a few regulations, including Innovation Studio Regulations, and “Five Minor Actions” Rewarding Regulation, etc.  Led by the innovation leader team, in 2015, Barfilon staff has put 35 reasonable propositions, 16 results from “Five Minor Actions”, and 8 of Top Hundred Technological Innovation Achievements.  Barfilon has employed industry experts, elites and capable managers to provide staff training in terms of quality management, production safety etc. to advance the diathesis of personnel, to broaden the thinking mode of staff, and to increase the professional skills and sense of quality.  Through those training sessions, the production efficiency by capita has risen by 2%, and the rate of rejects has decreased by 5% in year-on-year term.  In the recent years, Barfilon participated in drawing up and reformulating 3 industry standards: Fishing tackle. Rod pod, General requirements for safety of fishing tackle, and Fishing tackle classification and terminology.  The formulation and implementation of the standards has helped improve the manufacture standard, measurement standard and production processing technology of the whole fishing tool industry.  Besides, it also gives Barfilon more say in this industry, bringing a competitive advantage, helping to open up the national and international markets.

Development of Brands

必威亚洲官网Barfilon concentrates on innovation of brands, in 2015, BARFILON and HAOSHIDA were awarded Weihai Famous Trademark and Shandong Famous Trademark one after another, while the trademark BARFILON finished registering in Japan.  Moreover, angling experts from Taiwan and the US joined Barfilon, communicating and cooperating on development and marketing of products, which marks an important step of Barfilon to go international.  Barfilon also participates in large expositions of fishing tackles.  With the aid of the advanced resources in the exposition, including the flows of visitors, information and invests, etc., the brands popularity and influence rise rapidly.  Barfilon also takes part in competitions: it is a strategic partner of CAA, and is designated as the only rod for national-class competitions; holds BARFILON Cup Angling Trophy, which has been designated as national 4th category competition; take part in and sponsor the competition held by the agents in different cities; Barfilon cooperates with medias, including Yulequan on Hu Bei Satellite TV, Happy Fishing on Hunan Satellite TV and Sihaidiaoyu Channel, etc., where the brand names are well spread, gaining a popularity of loyal fans.  Barfilon is devoted to making Chinese local brands of high-class fishing rods, and so far, it has developed three independently series: BARFILON, GANWANG and HAOSHIDA, owning over one hundred models of high-class carbon-fiber fishing rods of over 1000 specifications, which has been sold to the markets of Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, the US and Europe.

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