Barfilon Industry Plant

The Weihai Spray-Coating Process Centre has been founded in August 2018, located in the Barfilon Industry Plant, Zaoshan Road No. 20, Yangting Huancui Qu, Weihai.  9 million Yuan was invested by Barfilon for the construction of the centre.  And the establishment of the centre has been supported by by the local county government.

The Spray-Panting Process Centre is a healthy enterprise, integrated with safety, manufacture, environmental protection and technology.  It is a public service platform providing spray-coating service to enterprises of small to medium sizes.  The centre covers an area of approximately 7600 meter squared, with a team of over 160 employees and is the annual coating capacity exceeds 1 million fishing rods.  The centre is devoted to be a forerunner in green production area, and has independently introduced large-scale catalytic combustion purifiers and integrated sewage treatment equipment, which has completely solved the pollution problems of the discharge of industry exhausts and sewage.  

The centre always insists on the business philosophy of “Energy saving, emission reduction and green production”, and keep on the service principle as being a top-range industry and producing top-range products, and is devoted to fulfilling the needs of the clients, and do better to serve everyone.

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